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This is what it really boils down to:

Masada Ventures invests in early-stage companies that are focused on quantifiably disrupting the status quo of mature industries through deep technological innovations, thereby enhancing the quality of life and productivity for billions of people across the globe.

Our Investment Pillars

What we lean on to keep true to our mission.
This is what separates the great from the good.

Brilliant Teams

We seek out incredible teams with a desire to build revolutionary products and provide unmatched service. We believe that at the core of every successful company is a strong founding team.


Revolutionary Ideas

We are hungry for ideas that not only iterate in their respective industries, but innovate and disrupt. We like to shatter the status quo, offering customers an entirely new experience for the industry. The core product offering or differentiator of our portfolio companies should not be easily replicated by aspiring competitors or incumbents.


Mature Markets

We invest in markets with past performance, current relevance, and future potential for growth. We love stable, mature markets that have withstood the test of time.


Company Culture & Customer Relationships

We believe that relationships are what set a great business apart from a good one. We prioritize the development of a company culture that radiates outward to create strong customer relationships.


User-Centric Design

At the center of every product design should be the user. If the product was not designed alongside the core customer, the product is not a fit. We value strong user feedback and customer discovery.


The Capital-Labor Balance

Any introductory economics course will teach you about the two variable inputs that can go into a firm: capital and labor. We only invest in spaces where we have the ability to provide both. As a part of our holistic investment strategy, we aim to provide strong operational support to help guide the capital we invest.


Portfolio Symbiosis

We invest with portfolio symbiosis and congruence in mind — seeking out companies that can support each other in a collaborative way. Through this intra-portfolio collaboration, we seek to exponentially amplify growth and the iterative process of our companies. By achieving this, we aim to weave a cohesive ecosystem of excellent companies.

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